The FUE method

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. The extraction of follicular units refers to the removal, temporary storage, and implantation of the follicular units, also called grafts.


The grafts consist of one to four hairs. An experienced doctor can using a hollow needle or punch with every jab remove an grafts from the donor area. These units are after the temporary storage, in a nutrient solution as such without any processing, and placed back into the receiving area. Needless to edit the grafts, as they originally growing in natural bundling. As a result, the risk of damage or necrosis is minimal during manipulation. This method is currently the most advanced method of hair transplantation.

FUT method is the opposite of that used by our FUE method. In the FUT method, a strip of skin from 1 to 3 cm wide cut away from the donor area. The gaping wound is with brackets and / or sutures pulled shut with a very visible scar as a result. Technicians cutting prosecuting skin streak to standard implantable grafts. The disadvantages of this method are the restoration, the scar on the back and the frequent manipulation of the grafts resulting in damage.

This FUT method is considered by us as barbaric and outdated and is never used in our clinic.